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Your Business deserves Bavaya Cloud Contact Center A flexible solution to fit your business needs
Make and receive calls using powerful call center software solution

Connect Bavaya Cloud to the business tools you love

Powerful apps and integrations to make your day-to-day workflow more efficient. Acquire, engage and retain more customers with Bavaya Cloud . Talk with your customers, send their details to your CRM, manage their requests from one place

Call center solution available instantly from anywhere

Make and receive calls from the browser on your desktop or using bavaya softphone mobile apps, no matter where you are. Bavaya Cloud is absurdly easy to set up, you can start handling your calls in less than 3 days from contracting date

Bavaya Contact Center

All the necessary outbound and inbound call center features to boost your team’s productivity Bavaya Cloud System provides professional features that make it easy to switch between inbound and outbound customer service.

  • Call Recording

    Call Recording

    Review your customer conversations by recording and replaying calls
  • IVR


    IVR system makes it easy to create complex voice trees and multiple options for distributing and tracking calls to employees
  • Local phone numbers

    Local phone numbers

    We provide you with landlines to be connected to your unified number to easily make outbound calls
  • Wait & Hold Music

    Wait & Hold Music

    Custom wait and hold music can be uploaded through audio file uploads
  • Call blending

    Call blending

    Handle outbound and inbound calls at the same time
  • Call Routing

    Call Routing

    Ensure your calls are routed to the first available agent
  • Caller ID

    Caller ID

    Showing the connected client info through a pop-up window when calling
  • Holiday Routing

    Holiday Routing

    Create and manage special routing plans to handle incoming calls on holidays even you can route it on your own mobile
  • Business Hours

    Business Hours

    Operate your call center based on specific times and days that suits your business goal. You can always adjust as you scale
  • Bavaya Softphone

    Bavaya Softphone

    slash IP phones cost , using bavaya apps, to make or take calls on the go wherever you are
  • Shared Lines

    Shared Lines

    Share one phone number among multiple users, and answer incoming calls from anywhere
  • Remote Working

    Remote Working

    You can hire staff to work remotely from home or anywhere in the world through the Bavaya Cloud
Why Bavaya Contact Center?
  • Development tailored to fit your work needs

    Development tailored to fit your work needs

  • High security data storage

    High security data storage

  • 24/7 free charge Technical support

    24/7 free charge Technical support

  • All in One Solution

    All in One Solution

Bavaya live panel for call monitoring
Call Monitoring feature allows call center admins and supervisors to discreetly listen in on conversations between your agents and your customers or prospects. Use the real-time to view the list of active conversations that are currently taking place. When you join an active call as an Admin/Supervisor, Bavaya will put you on mute while you listen to the conversation. Call Monitoring helps you to evaluate both your agents as well as your communication strategies and improve your entire business call center.
Bavaya Reporting System
Admins can easily assess the performance of agents, your business processes, customer interactions at every stage of the call, and optimize them
Call Report

Call Summary Report

Get a download of all the incoming, outgoing calls, filtered by answered , missed, abandoned for every individual team along with key call metrics such as handle time, wait time. etc..
Agent Summary Report

Agent Summary Report

Use this report to evaluate the performance of every individual in your phone team. You can see the complete report of calls (incoming, outgoing, and missed) handled by the user along with the average handle time