Bavaya CRM

The system allows you to fully control the details you have created to develop your business: Move your team to a higher level of performance, Create a database for your customers, Follow-up potential customers that’s where BAVAYA CRM comes in loaded with features help you start and grow your business .

Using CRM can improve your lead records rate by

Bavaya CRM Systems
Marketing system
Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns

The system allows you to create marketing campaigns following it through reports


It can identify new and registered customers.as well as showing their data, observations or previous requests
Sales System
The system allows you to add your business products andservices as well as creating quotes and send them directly to customers
Sales System


you can send notifying SMS and track tickets with your own Sender ID
Store System
Managing stored items in codes , location for easily reach as well as incoming and outcoming products according to availabilty, quantities and vendors to facilate inventory It adds more to your wharehouse work as you can easily add products , services and send purchase orders to your clients
Support System
Support cards are linked directly to contacts; here customer complaints and suggestions are saved for easy handling.
you can easily create support ticket cards or the system do it automaticlly , notify your customer with a SMS with your senderID
Bavaya CRM Features
  • Caller ID

    Caller ID

    Showing the connected client info through a pop-up window when calling
  • Reports


    Create more reports to give you a clearer view of how your business is going to do to achieve your goal.
  • Filtration


    It helps you to split support cards into several categories whether open or closed for easy operation.
  • Scanner


    Save time and effort e-mail scanner helps you ease the performance of your work without trouble.
  • Lock


    Help you set the team's power, and control the details such as editing and deleting.
  • Web Template

    Web Template

    create templates on your website. It automatically sent to you once the customer has filled out the form
  • E-Template


    Create ready-made templates for emails, which makes it easier for employees to communicate with customers faster and better.
  • Internal email

    Internal email

    Send and receive emails, and it will be saved automatically to your system
  • work flow

    work flow

    The System does all the automatic operations instead of the employee, such as sending SMS or newsletter emails.
  • Calendar


    It includes a schedule of meetings, conferences, and your business agenda. With the possibility of reminders by email or SMS.
  • Docs


    All system documents are stored here to facilitate access when needed.
  • Client data

    Client data

    All customer data, requests, and suggestions are displayed and you can control what information appears on your screen.
  • Contacts


    All customer data are saved (numbers, names and technical support cards)
  • Chat


    You can create chat groups for each department to communicate between the team.
  • data bag

    data bag

    Here, the department can add all the information, instructions and details of the work, which in turn makes it easier for employees to do their jobs. The admin can modify and add new data.
Bavaya CRM Apps
For smartphones .. helps your team to get their work done from anywhere with ease